We scan and convert your paper photos to digital

Do you have paper photos in a closet in boxes?

Did you inherit photos and several family members want copies or have access to them?

Do you not want to take a chance with your precious photos and send them in the mail to a scanning service?

We pick up and return your photos right to your front door.  We scan your photos and send an email with a link to easily download them to your computer.  We can also deliver your digital photos on a USB flash drive or create a private online photo gallery.

Here’s how we work

  • We will pick up your photos within a 25-mile radius of Petaluma (add .49/mile over 25 miles) (no more worrying about them getting lost in the mail)
  • We will scan your paper photos for $199 up to 500 photos (loose and up to 8×10 in size) with 600 DPI quality (Quantity Volume Discount: add 29 cents per photo over 500, 19 cents per photo over 1000, and 9  cents per photo over 2000).
  • We will send you a zip file with all your digital photos (or if you wish add $14.99 to have us put them on a USB flash drive for you) and drop off the originals to your front door.
  • We can also create a personal private family web gallery for $24.99 that you can share links with friends and family and they can purchase to download digital photos or order prints, wall art, and keepsakes like mugs, mousepads, etc… It also gives you an additional layer of back up protection and storage. Access your photos from any device and share your photos on social media.

Call us today (707) 773-9000 to schedule a pick up your paper photos.


Petaluma Photo is a service company under aftertec, Inc., a California Corporation) who is a leader in photography and high tech imaging services (We scan even bigger things – like homes and landscapes – for more information on our other imaging services visit our website www.aftertecai.com ).

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We are a Petaluma company and you can order our service by calling (707) 773-9000 or emailing us a [email protected].