Are you like us and have tons of paper photos in shoeboxes

Don’t you wish you had them in digital form and backed up in case they get damaged?  I just inherited thousands of paper photos from my mother’s estate.  Family members wish to have copies of them but there is only one copy of the paper photo. After a lot of investigation, I learned quick that it costs big bucks to have a service scan them.  Also I felt really uncomfortable sending our family photos in the mail.  So I bought the commercial photo scanning equipment and did it myself.  Our company aftertec, Inc is now offering paper photo scanning services to start for neighbors, friends and family members.  Here’s how Petaluma Photo services will work.

  • We will pick up your photos within a 25-mile radius of Petaluma (add .49/mile over 25) (no more worrying about them getting lost in the mail)
  • We will scan your paper photos for $199 up to 500 photos (loose and up to 8×10 in size) with 600 DPI quality (add .29 per photo over 500).
  • We will send you a zip file with all your digital photos (or if you wish add $14.99 to have us put them on a USB flash drive for you) and drop off the originals to your front door step.
  • We can also create a personal private family web gallery for $24.99 that you can share links with friends and family and they can purchase to download digital photos or order prints and keepsakes like mugs, mousepads, etc…

Give me a call at my office (707) 773-9000 if you wish for us to scan your old photos.